A Grass Roots Initiative
in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

The aim of this initiative is to provide shelter, sustenance, education, and medical care for orphans and foster families in the Mufindi District of Tanzania.

Who Are We?

We are friends of the Fox Family, long-term residents of the Mufinidi Highlands in Southern Tanzania. Their first projects began in 2005, when a desperate 14-year-old boy asked for a job, but due to legislation he was too young to legally employ. However, as a result of AIDS he found himself head of his family, and sadly now responsible for supporting his aging grandmother and younger siblings.

What are we trying to achieve?

The original scope of this initiative focused on building and staffing 6 orphan’s dormitories plus improvements to the school and health clinics.
Our main objectives are to:

  • Provide outreach services in local villages to help orphans and HIV/AIDS sufferers
  • Expand the orphans’ center to accommodate up to 60 children
  • Conduct HIV/AIDS awareness programs in the community
  • Provide support for orphaned children’s education
  • Refurbish and enlarge existing school classrooms
  • Establish a local vocational school
  • Improve orphans and community members general health by upgrading a dispensary to full-service hospital status
  • Secure on-going financial support with the goal of increasing the initiative’s self-sufficiency
Proud of their new library

The children are proud of their new library.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Built 4 orphans houses and 1 guest house
  • Built 6 new classrooms and a school kitchen so each student receives a meal during the school day
  • Upgraded a local dispensary to a fully-functional Health Centre with in-patient services
  • Implemented milk formula dispensation to children of HIV mothers
  • Built 4 houses for grandmothers caring for orphans
  • Built and stocked a library in a Primary School and in Luhunga Secondary School
  • Built and opened the largest and best equipped Community Centre in the area for all members of the community

What do we need your help for?

  • Building the remaining two orphan’s dormitories
  • Further expanding the Community Outreach Program
  • Building the AIDS Counseling and Treatment Centre
  • Sponsoring key staff positions to ensure our facilities are run properly and effectively
  • Building a vocational school to provide occupational training
  • Upgrading the dispensary to a full-service hospital, so that those in the area don’t have to travel over 50 km to the nearest hospital for treatment
  • Constructing a ‘Social-Centre’ to complete our children’s village.