The 2013 Fundraiser

In 2013, the Ottawa based Mufindi Orphans Project held its third annual fund raising barbecue. Once again, it was a rousing success. Approximately 85 people enjoyed a beautiful evening on the banks of the Rideau River, with great food, silent and live auctions, and music by Grateful We’re Not Dead. Through funds raised on the […] Read more »

Overall Project Results 2005-2012

Here is a summary of what has been accomplished for HIV/AIDS-orphaned Mufindi children and their communities over the last 5 years. HIV/AIDS stigma reduced – This is HUGE. The subject of AIDS has evolved from taboo, to open discussion. And, now that Mufindi folk know they can be treated, they are more willing to be […] Read more »

Happy Anniversary

Sabasaba (July 7th) is a Tanzanian holiday that is similar to Labour day in the US and Canada. At Igoda Children’s Village however, the day is particularly special. Five years ago today Issa, Willi, Remijio, and Moses moved into their new home, thus opening Igoda Children’s Village. There has been a lot of change, and […] Read more »

Igoda Children’s Village

Another email concerning the Mufindi Orphans project: As we prepare for the upcoming BBQ on August 11th, I thought you might like to hear about an exciting development in the Igoda Children’s Village, the one where the AIDS affected children we play a part in supporting live. Please see the message from Geoff Knight below. […] Read more »

News From Mufindi – May 2012

This news concerning the Mdabulo Hospital comes from an email circulated by Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt on May 21, 2012. Hi all, The pictures below we’re taken earlier today. Construction of the L-shaped “functioning” part of the Hospital is continuing perfectly! All Mason work is done and carpenters are on site even today making […] Read more »

Mdabulo Hospital Update

The following is the content of an email from Geoff Fox of the Foxes Community and Wildlife Trust to Gord Breedyk and others concerning the status of the Mdabulo Hospital Thought I must update everyone, as there have been (and may be) staff changes for the better. Firstly, The new (functioning part) wing of the […] Read more »

Mufindi Orphans Fund Raising Update

The following is part of a document received from Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt reporting on the Mufindi Orphans project. We would like to thank everyone once again for helping us make significant contributions to the well-being of individuals, young and old in Mufindi, Tanzania. We quite recently got some exciting news about how the […] Read more »