What Your 2010-2013 Contributions Have Supported

All contributions form part of the wider support provided through the African Children’s Book Box Society in Victoria, B.C., Canada

  • 2010 – Support to laboratory operations in HIV/AIDS treatment facility In Mdabula – The CD4 machine used in the laboratory and operated by Catherine Mbata, was donated by fundraisers in British Columbia (through the African Book Box Society) and is CRUCIAL for effective HIV/AIDS treatment. “This means that we now have a treatment facility for a catchment of 40,000 people, a facility that is equipped with one of the most precious machines to anyone who is HIV-POSITIVE, which in our area, is 35% of the population” (Jenny Peck, Project Outreach Manager, Mufindi). Catherine oversees all laboratory resources at the Centre.
  • 2011 – construction, with others, of the surgical wing at Mdabulo.
  • 2012 – construction, with others, of the first Igoda Village clinic (out of which Dr. Leena Pasanen, now retired, will donate her services full-time. Declared one of the “world’s most compassionate doctors” (World Medical Association, 2011) and “Most Outstanding Finn Living Abroad” (Finland, 2009), Dr. Leena has already volunteered 2 weeks a month for three years in semi-retirement from 30 years as mission doctor in Tanzania.
  • 2013 – Powdered Milk Program to help HIV-positive mothers to protect their babies from AIDS. Babies of HIV+ mothers are breast-fed for 6 months and then given bottled milk made from milk powder. This is the best way to give healthy, uncontaminated nourishment to newborns while minimizing transmission of the AIDS virus after six months. The program includes training in hygienic preparation of bottled milk. These babies are born into precarious circumstances and it is important that mothers are given advice and assistance that gives the best possible chance of survival for the baby and is at the same time within the capacity of the mother to implement. The milk powder, subsidized for the destitute, and essential for preventing HIV/AIDS transmission, is only given as a temporary measure until the baby is able to digest solid food.