A Brighter Future For African Orphans

Welcome to the Mufindi Orphans (.ca) blog! It is with great pleasure that Evelyn (Voigt) and I invite you to join us, and many friends, to support this very exciting initiative in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The specific location is Mufindi – yes, you can find it using Google Earth. Mufindi, to Evelyn, is the centre of the universe, probably in large measure due to the fact that she grew up there … or as she says, she grew tall there (at times I agree).

In any case, it is in quite a real sense, “home” to Evelyn. As a result, we have visited there several times, and in recent years we started taking along between 12 and 20 friends, and friends of friends, every time we went. Each time all of us got just a glimpse of local life, including the difficulties people in general, and children in particular, were encountering just trying to survive. Our friends, the Fox family, who have lived in the Mufindi district of Tanzania for decades decided, back in 2005, to do something about it. They started the Fox Foundation and began to design and develop a holistic approach to improving the lot of people in Mufindi, hoping that in this way they could create a model of relief and development that might be replicated elsewhere.

Geoff Knight, Geoff Fox and Evelyn Voigt

Geoff Knight, Geoff Fox and Evelyn Voigt

I won’t go into detail regarding how it all got rolling or what the project now entails – that is adequately covered in other parts of this web-site, including of course the 14 year old head of a household who came to Geoff Fox looking for work. Rather, I would like to invite you to check out this web-site, as well as the others we provide a link to, check out the videos at the Foxes NGO Channel on YouTube and then send us your comments and questions. Many of the people who have joined us on one of our trips are now working with us to raise funds for this very worthwhile initiative. Also feel free to create an account on Mufindi Orphans (.ca) so you can participate in the Forums that will be established in the near future.

If you are able to attend our upcoming fundraiser near Ottawa (August 14th, 2010 – a BBQ++), please do so. And if you can’t do that but would like to make a contribution, please follow the instructions on our Donations page. All contributions are hugely appreciated – 100% of donated funds make it to the intended recipients / projects. The Foxes absorb the overhead.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please join us in creating a brighter future for African orphans and their communities.

Gord Breedyk
Mufindi Blogger