We Have Moved!

Mufindi Orphans Canada has moved to a new server and has changed to a different Content Management System (CMS). If you arrive at the site via a search engine link (such as Google) you may find the page you are seeking cannot be found. Don’t fret, the name and/or the path to the page may have changed as it was being migrated to the new system. Over a period of a few months the erroneous links will disappear from the search engine databases and the new ones will start to appear.

The design of the site is currently in transition and may change as we have time to work with it.

For those of you technically inclined we are utilizing WordPress 3 as the CMS. The website is hosted at Hostgator. The theme is Catalyst available from CatalystThemes.

Thank you for your patience as we progess in the migration of the site.

Don White