Mufindi Today – July 3, 2012

It’s a Tuesday, so that means CTC Day at Mdabulo. All Home Based Care Volunteers (HBCV) met with Jenny Peck and some staff at Mdabulo today to discuss plans to expand the Home Based Care program to Ihanu ward- the villages of Ibwanzi, Nandala, Ihanu, Kilosa, Isipi, and Lulanda. The program has been a great success in Mdabulo ward, as many patients previously “lost to follow-up” for HIV treatment have come back for treatment through advice from these volunteers. The volunteers have also helped organize visiting doctors’ visits to see patients in their homes, and have performed basic first-aid themselves on patients in the village. Logistics are being worked out for the Ihanu Ward HBC team, but by the end this month a training should start after volunteers are chosen, and the Mdabulo volunteers want to be involved in the process. They have already offered to be the driving force in the complicated process of choosing volunteers. It appears as though this program that is run by local volunteers is giving the community the health service it needs, and we are all happy to see such local involvement in the development of the area.

The Igoda Children’s Village received a visitor today. Elisha Nyamara, the Social Welfare Officer of Mufindi District, who has become a very close friend of all involved with the Children’s Village, arrived today bearing gifts (he’s seen in the video attached leading our kids in song). Mr. Nyamara has been an integral part in helping us with some very serious child-related issues recently, and his help has meant a lot to the children, and the guardians here at the Children’s Village. Today he brought a truck full of food supplies for the Children’s Village as a token of thanks from the district government for the help the Children’s Village is offering to the community here in Mufindi. Over $1,000 worth of food and household needs was brought by the social welfare office, and Mr. Nyamara also took a tour of the Children’s Village greeting everyone along the way. It was great to see, and great to know there is such appreciation for the efforts of the organization. Another great day to feel proud of what all the organization has accomplished in such a short time!

Geoff Knight
Foxes’ Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust