Mufindi Today – June 2012

Mufindi Today 26/6/12

Today was CTC day at Mdabulo Care and Treatment Clinic, and Jenny Peck was there together with the home based care team of volunteers helping the staff manage the large mass of patients coming for HIV treatment. Today, Jenny came with an extra guest. For the past week the children at the Igoda Children’s Village have been on a school break, and so today Datrai Masonda (15) came with us to the CTC. Datrai wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and the experience helped her see village medical services first-hand, and she also saw the frontlines of the battle against HIV in her own community. We have brought several children interested in medicine to the CTC, and we hope it will also help them in education about HIV prevention seeing the clinic with their own eyes and helping their neighbors from their own community.

Mufindi Today 27/6/12

Another busy day in Mufindi, as over 100 women came to the Children’s Village to sell baskets. This was their first opportunity to sell their product since Easter weekend in April, but fortunately this month there have been some great sales opportunities for them. A teacher at the International School in Dar sold over 800,000/= in baskets at an event earlier this month, and a crafts bazaar in Iringa sold over 200,000/= more. The promise of a possible outlet at store in New York City has got the group on a more sustainable route now.

Today three separate tours of the children’s village were given. The 100+ basket weavers were toured around so that more people from the community could learn first-hand what we are doing. The weavers from the named ‘Threads of Hope’ group then watched the same videos shown to the village leaders were shown on Monday. A better understanding has been given to a large group of people now from the community.

A church leader from Mafinga arrived today as well and was given a tour and he promised to spread the word about what was happening here in his district. A family living in Dar also took a tour, and the Mother, a child Psychologist promised to stay in touch an help us with child psychological issues that arise in our children’s village, and the surrounding villages.

Geoff Knight
Foxes’ Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust