Further Mdabulo Hospital Update

As we prepare for the 2011 Mufindi Orphans Fundraiser on August 13, 2011 we felt we should bring you up-to-date with what has transpired with regard to the Mdabulo Hospital. As you are aware from our previous update, we said that we had given permission to use most of the funds we provided last year to pay the salary of a Dr. Maganga who had expressed a desire to stay in Mufindi and work for the Foxes NGO. Unfortunately, he was later transferred to another district, 2-1/2 months later. We did pay his salary for that time, but when he left, we were asked whether we would instead accept having the funds we provided last year be used to pay the salary of Catherine, an excellent (but uncertified) lab technician who provides support to those doing AIDS testing. Our funds from last year’s event are apparently sufficient to pay her salary for four years. This will provide the clinic with much needed stability in this regard. We agreed to allow them to use the funds in that manner.

As for plans for funds we raise this year, the NGO is undertaking a major building project over the next few years, starting with completing the building requirements to bring the Mdabulo dispensary to hospital status. Building has currently stopped due to a lack of funds. The immediate need is to complete the new ‘functional’ wing containing 2 operating theatres with scrub up and toilet facilities, anaesthetic/recovery room, sluicing and sterilising room, x-ray room, dental clinic, 2 specialist consulting surgeries, equipment store, waiting room with toilets. The walls and roofing is complete and remaining work will continue when funds become available.

In total, the cost of the building project (including the above) is roughly $300,000. Other components are:

  • Two ‘Reception” Wards (men & women)
  • Renovation of existing Wards (1 men’s, 1 women’s and 1 Intensive Care) with toilets
  • A second set of Wards, same as above (to cope with the increasing number of inpatients expected, especially when the overseas volunteer ‘Specialist’ doctors start
  • A Hospital Staff Rest/Meeting room with toilets (especially needed for our visiting volunteer specialists who will be away from home all day)
  • Conversion of a large existing Mission building to accommodate hospital staff in one bedroom apartments
  • Conversion of the old laboratory into a pharmacy
  • Conversion of part of the already renovated Outpatients Department to include a pre-natal consulting room

Obviously we won’t be raising sufficient funds from this one event to provide for all of the building needs, not to mention staff salaries and other related NGO requirements. However, we wanted to give you a sense of the larger initiative of which we are a part. We hope this helps in that regard.