Happy Anniversary

Sabasaba (July 7th) is a Tanzanian holiday that is similar to Labour day in the US and Canada. At Igoda Children’s Village however, the day is particularly special.

Children at Sabasaba celebrationsFive years ago today Issa, Willi, Remijio, and Moses moved into their new home, thus opening Igoda Children’s Village. There has been a lot of change, and a lot of progress here over those five years and today was a day of celebration at the Children’s Village, and most of all a day for the kids. A volleyball net was erected, and a volleyball introduced, and well as badminton rackets with shuttlecocks, and of course football was played along with a local game called Ledi.

The children had a great day, and with some preparing to start their own lives back in the neighboring villages, it was nice to see there is still time for each of the children to still be a kid.

Geoff Knight
Foxes’ Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust