Mdabulo Hospital Update

The following is the content of an email from Geoff Fox of the Foxes Community and Wildlife Trust to Gord Breedyk and others concerning the status of the Mdabulo Hospital

Thought I must update everyone, as there have been (and may be) staff changes for the better.

Firstly, The new (functioning part) wing of the hospital has been roofed and now awaits funding to enable the interior walls, floors, doors & windows to be completed. This roofing, together with renovation of a mission building to accommodate Dr Maganga, was paid for by the father of Anne Greenstock (who was at Iringa school with Marion!)

Today, fingers crossed, the CD4 machine should be arriving in Dar es Salaam from Belgium. It will then be brought to Mdabulo with a trainer during the first week of April. This very expensive item was generously donated by Don & Ruth James.

The CTC clinic, largely funded by Rosaria Haugland with a generous donation via Mufindi Orphans Inc., has been functioning since the beginning of the year (with samples sent to Mafinga’s CD4 machine up to now. Every week there are 2 ‘general’ patients CTC clinics + 1 children’s clinic and the team is kept very busy with very many patients.

In January, Dr Maganga joined us as a GP with special responsibilities for the CTC clinic + outreach follow up. He previously was in charge of all the CTC clinics throughout Mufindi District. We are very grateful to Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt + their friends for funding Dr Maganga’s salary. Dr Maganga resigned from government service to join us when he was given a transfer well away from home and family.

However, things are changing. The Ministry has not accepted Dr Maganga’s resignation and want him to continue as a government doctor. He will be going to Dar to discuss on 1st April. The new Mufindi District Medical Officer is a classmate and good friend of Dr Maganga and has said that, when Maganga returns, he should be officially posted to continue at Mdabulo. At the same time the DMO will provide a Laboratory Assistant to help the very experienced & recommended, but unqualified, Lab. Asst. we have taken on last week and also will take over the wages of our Nurse/midwife, Paulina who has been generously funded on-going by Andrew Davies and his partner.

The government is officially fully supporting and promoting Public / Private partnerships with hospitals throughout the Country, so we are right on course as planned! Hopefully Paulina’s salary funding can be transferred to cover our newly employed Lab. Assistant (who is very experienced with CD4 machines + other laboratory functions) (?).

Similarly, if everything works out, we would hope that the unspent balance of Dr Maganga’s salary could be spent on starting the interiors of the new extension wing (?).

Both Drs Maganga and Ndenga seem very excited over the future prospects of Mdabulo; me too!

Next installment after Dr Maganga returns from Dar!

Geoff F.