Mufindi Orphans Fund Raising Update

The following is part of a document received from Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt reporting on the Mufindi Orphans project.

We would like to thank everyone once again for helping us make significant contributions to the well-being of individuals, young and old in Mufindi, Tanzania.

Mufindi Orphans

Mufindi Orphans

We quite recently got some exciting news about how the funds you helped us raise will be spent, and we wanted to share that news with you.  By the way, the amount that we collectively raised through the August 14’th BBQ and a couple of other smaller events was just over $8,000. This is incredible – thank you so very much. We should mention that, as a result of the planning taking place for the BBQ, some friends in Hong Kong who happened to be visiting us approached their Rotary club (in Hong Kong) which has subsequently sent $10,500 to the same project. So, indirectly, we can all pat ourselves on the back for having generated over $18,000 for the Mufindi Orphans project during the last year.

Now to specifics. Geoff Knight, who is the Administrative Manager of the Foxes’ Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust sent a proposal requesting our permission to use most of the funds we sent to pay the salary of a Dr. Abdallah Maganga to work as a General Practioner at the Mdabulo health facility (part of the Fox NGO).  After establishing the sustainability of the initiative and being assured that Dr. Maganga’s position and related costs are scheduled to be taken over by the Government in the near future as part of their national health delivery, we felt this was an excellent initiative and have since given our permission to use the funds that way.

Key points of the proposal are:

  • Dr. Maganga was previously the District HIV/AIDS Coordinator (DHAC) of Mufindi District and was recently given a promotion to District Medical Officer (DMO) of another district. He preferred to stay in his home town of Mufindi
  • Dr. Maganga has been tremendous in helping with all of the HIV treatment advances in recent years and really has been a driving force in getting treatment and counselling out to the rural area
  • Mufindi district is an epicenter of HIV, and is in fact one of those places in the world with the most overwhelming HIV prevalence rates
  • Dr. Maganga will give the Mdabulo health facility a vital boost and leadership that will bring the facility into the next realm of quality health care. The plan is to extend this facility into a fully-functional hospital and there is no better person than Dr. Maganga, to head this endeavor
  • A committee has been established that will serve as public private partnership (PPP) between the mission where the facility sits, the government, the local village, and the Fox Foundation. In the future the government will be responsible for ALL staff, but for now, the ability is not there. The government should be able to fund the position starting in 2012 and to continue. 

So, that’s it in a nutshell.

For your interest, the money from the Hong Kong donation is being put towards building the last of the Orphan’s homes. Some of you have seen pictures of these homes – several have already been built.

Evelyn and I are currently planning to take a group to Tanzania next September / October for a safari trip. Obviously we will take the opportunity at that time to visit the Fox Foundation project, to inquire about progress and challenges being faced. And of course we will bring back pictures and / or video reports. If you or friends are interested in joining us for that trip (roughly 3 weeks), please contact me at

Once again, thank you very much for your support and we look forward to seeing you and your friends at the next BBQ this coming August. We’ll be in touch.


Gord and Evelyn
(for the committee – Paul and Lynda, Pat and George, Jo-Anne)