Overall Project Results 2005-2012

Here is a summary of what has been accomplished for HIV/AIDS-orphaned Mufindi children and their communities over the last 5 years.

  • HIV/AIDS stigma reduced – This is HUGE. The subject of AIDS has evolved from taboo, to open discussion. And, now that Mufindi folk know they can be treated, they are more willing to be tested. Related education has increased knowledge about prevention.
  • Orphaned and Foster Children cared for: The Children’s Village and Outreach Support Program up and running: The former houses 80 children in 6 houses, with house mothers, a vegetable garden, a nursery, and kindergarten. The latter helps 1,000 orphans directly in 16 villages, and thousands indirectly (by outreach support to 2,000+ guardians, single mothers and grandparents).
  • One government primary school (Igoda) and one secondary school (Luhunga) upgraded and stimulating other schools, by example, to improve their own facilities. (classrooms, water supply, library facilities and solar lighting.)
  • Medical Program:
    • Ibwanzi Dispensary upgraded into a fully functioning, 30-bed, Government Health Centre, with a clinical officer and nurses serving 20,000 people in 8 villages (The project provided wards, beds, treatment rooms, nurse housing, generator, and equipment).
    • The Mdabulo AIDS Testing and Treatment Clinic, and maternity ward constructed, equipped and running for a catchment of 40,000 people. Since opening, the Clinic has treated more than 2000 patients and issued antiretroviral drugs accordingly.
    • As funds permit, Mdabulo is gradually being upgraded from a Clinic to the first full service hospital in the area (including an x-ray room, optical workshop, examination rooms and two surgical theatres) where national and international specialists can volunteer their services.
  • Community Outreach Program Up and Running: Community Hall constructed and now a hub of community activities for all the surrounding villages, with over 70 events so far, including seminars, education, and entertainment.
  • Milk Powder Program: The only way to prevent HIV transmission from Mother to Child after the child is born (with 6 months of nursing) – the focus of 2013 fund-raising efforts.

Your community in Canada has banded together to help save a community here in Tanzania. THANK YOU!!!!!!” (Jenny Peck, Project Outreach Manager, Mufindi)

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  1. Liberatus Mlela says:

    Mufindi orphans Canada have indeed done a great job here in Mufindi. Upgrading health and education centers an upgrading the life status of the people in Mufindi especialy those infected with HIV/AIDS and the orphans as well as guardian parents and grandparents. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mufindi Orphans Canada. TOGETHER WE CAN BUILD A NEW MUFINDI….